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The Qur-an is message of Allah and His speech to mankind and human beings. Which guides us to right path and teaches us Islamic lessons and teachings .There are stories of the former prophets and their followers in it.The Qur’an comprises of 40 verses, 114 surahs .Some surahs are Makkis and others Madnis.If it is in Arabic language but it is translated into various languages in the world. The Holy Qur’an is our law book but Allah gives us rewards on account of reciting, seeing and teaching it.A letter from Qur’an has ten rewards. Our prophet said (الم)is not a word but( أ) is a letter (ل) is a letter and(م) is a letter. The Holy Qur’an is Superior to other scriptures. Hence, every word of the holy Qur’an is in it’s original from. The Holy Qur’an has no addition, subtraction, and changing .The language of the Qur’an and it’s literature are miracle. The Qur’an has brought the final Divine commands and codes. The suit according to the needs of all times, places, conditions. at last my give us power to understand Quran.